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Path Buka Kantor Di Jakarta

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    Path Buka Kantor Di Jakarta

    Hayo siapa mau apply?? :D

    Social network provider Path Inc plans to open a branch office in Jakarta because of the site’s immense popularity in Indonesia.

    Path CEO Dave Morin said Indonesia had more than 4 million Path users, the largest number in the world. He revealed that impressive user figures was one of the reasons why Path had decided to open an office in Jakarta.

    Morin went on to say that Path had received an investment fund of Rp 304 billion (US$24.83 million) from Bakrie Group.

    Path’s commitment to opening a branch office in Indonesia has been underlined by its massive drive to recruit full time workers for all job levels in Indonesia, has reported.

    According to official data, Path has a total of 20 million users worldwide with Indonesia and the US its two largest markets.

    Path said in a statement that unlike the US and other global economies that had been hit hard by the economic downturn and had yet to fully recover, Indonesia was considered to have potential that could become a bright spot for Path’s further business development.

    In an interview with The Jakarta Post in February, Morin described Indonesia as a star that was shining brightly. He acknowledged Indonesia’s large market potential for social media services because of its rapidly growing social media use, including on Facebook and Twitter.

    Bakrie Global Group currently owns less than one percent of the company, according to Morin. He did not specify when Path’s Jakarta office would be opened. (dyl/ebf)(+++)

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